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Repairs / maintenance
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girder bridge cranes

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Engine rewinding


Our firm owns a team of specialists in the field of equipment designing, being specialised in the sector of lifting equipment ( tower crane, bridge crane, jib crane)

We also have RADTP and RADTE authorisations issued by ISCIR pursuant to the technical requirements R1/2010

Our offer includes the following types of designs:
– Assembly/disassembly design;
– Design for location and operation management of the tower cranes on the site;
– Design for the anchorage of the construction equipment;
– Design for the execution of bridge cranes;
– Design for execution of girder crane;
– Design for the execution of jib cranes.


Chipping Processing

Machining is producing replacement parts and assemblies for various machinery and equipment.

These are manufactured by:  



Equipment modernisation

The equipment can be modernized by replacing the old electric systems by modern systems equipped with:
-frequency inverters and programmable automates that allow for smooth start-up and shut down, ensuring increased safety in exploitation and diminished power consumption
-implementation of radiocontrol/telecontrol, which allow for ground operation of the crane, an no need for the presence of the crane operator in the crane cabin, who can work besides the slingers, verifying the binding, the handling and correct pilling of the materials.

Modernisation of auto-lifters

Modernisation of tower cranes

Modernisation of bridge cranes and gantry cranes

Modernisation of bridge cranes and gantry cranes of up to 20 I/O

Modernisation of bridge cranes and gantry cranes of up to 60 I/O




-repair/maintenance and reconditioning of either metallic structures
-repair/maintenance of single and double girder bridge crane, etc
-repair/maintenance gantry crane
-repair/maintenance trolley hydraulic crane
-repair/maintenance of gantry crane
-repair/maintenance of jib crane
-repair/maintenance of tower crane

We also carry out repairs to various components of the above mentioned equipment:
-rewinding of the electric motors, by re-impregnation
-cleaning, degreasing of the brake disks and recharge with friction disks
-remedy of the defects to the reductors: replacing of the oil retainer, rolling contact bearing, gearings
-matching and adjustment of limit stops and arresters which ensures the safety operation for the load mechanisms, carriage shifting and bridge/revolving mechanism shifting
-adjustment of control mechanism to wire cranes (button panels or joystick)
-adjustment of control mechanism to wireless cranes (button panels or joystick) – radiocontrols/telecontrols
-replacement of the regular drag and anti-revolving drag ropes, load mechanisms, to all types of lifting equipment
-repairs/maintenance of the metallic structure by qualified personnel
-equipment cleaning, priming and painting

Assembly/disassembly, telescoping and anchorage building for lifting equipment

-tower crane assembly/disassembly
-trolley hydraulic crane folding/unfolding
-gantry crane assembly/disassembly
-bridge cranes assembly/disassembly, (ex: double girder bridge crane, single girder bridge crane etc.)

We also offer:

-metallic profiles assembly/disassembly
-metallic structure for halls assembly and building up
-cabinets’ assembly, bolts articulation

You can watch below movies regarding the assembly and telescoping of a tower crane:

Technical documentation for ISCIR authorization

ISCIR authorisation assembly and repair of lifting equipment

ISCIR authorisation maintenance and revision of lifting equipment

A. Documents necessary for tower/trolley hydraulic cranes

Issuance of the approval for the commencement of the assembly works
-assembly plan endorsed by RADTP
-technical memorandum (engineer or non-beneficiary) endorsed by RADTP
-geotechnical survey
-topometry sheet (in case that the crane is on the railway track
-earth socket certificate


B. Technical verification in use

-SCIR approval for commencement of assembly works
-assembly design endorsed by RADTP
-plan with the safety places (If not included in the design)
-operational test report – signed by the beneficiary as well
-conformity declaration for assembly
-topometry sheet – containing achieved levels
-earth socket certificate
-conformity declaration for execution of the foundation or railway track
-STEEL quality certificate – foundation reinforcement
-CONCRETE quality certificate – foundation