We consider that the most important capital of a company are the satisfied clients. This stands as the proof of a well-done thing, a long term partnership, which will endure the test of time!
We are proud of our accomplishments! We defied the impossible along years, we have continuously developed and learned. Currently, we use such experience to your benefit, our clients.

AXA SERVICE has been present in the Romanian market since 1994, being ISCIR authorized since 1996.
We offer the following the services:

  • assembly of tower cranes
  • disassembly of tower cranes
  • telescoping of tower cranes
  • hook building for tower cranes
  • repair of bridge cranes
  • repair of gantry cranes
  • repair of pivoting cranes
  • repair of tower cranes
  • servicing of bridge cranes
  • servicing of tower cranes
  • maintenance of portal cranes
  • maintenance of bridge cranes
  • maintenance of tower cranes
  • maintenance of bridge crane
  • maintenance of pivoting crane
  • maintenance of portal crane
  • mounting/assembly of metallic constructions
  • building of electric panels and automations
  • mounting of frequency inverter for the adjustment of alternating-current three-phase engine speed
  • adjustment of radiocontrols for tower cranes
  • adjustment of bridge crane radiocontrols

Our team prepares the documentation necessary to obtain the operation authorization, for all works carried out to the lifting equipment covered by ISCIR.

Servicing and maintenance includes all lifting equipment, and periodical revisions, so that your equipment function and meet precisely the client’s requirements

Equipment Warranty

Warranty is given for each installed/sold equipment by our company, provided is used according to the user’s manual. Should the equipment be not used according to the user’s manual or no periodical revision is carried out, the equipment shall not longer be covered by warranty.

Our company also practices the following types of agreements:

1. Service/maintenance and periodical revision Agreement

In order that the equipment be covered by an adequate maintenance, we recommend you to conclude a “Service/maintenance and periodical revision Agreement”. Such agreement guarantees:
– periodical revision – which provides periodical inspections in order to ensure the secured operation of the equipment. The team conducting the periodical revision verifies, adjusts, lubricates and cleans the equipment in order to ensure operation thereof at normal parameters in security conditions. The failure to carry out the periodical revision within due time can cause the improper functioning of the equipment with various defects and impossibility to ensure the secure functioning, and increased power consumption.
-service – remedy as soon as possible by a team at the client’s place of the defects arisen accidentally between two periodical revisions. Given that we have in stock spare parts, a large number of defects can be cured within a short period of time.

2. Repair Agreement

In order to re-set the tower cranes, single girder bridge cranes, trolley hydraulic cranes, to the designed nominal parameters we can carry out repairs to the electrical system, gear motors (load mechanism, rolling mechanism ….) and to the equipment bearing structure.
We can also replace some sub-assemblies such as electric hoists, beam ends, translation gear motors, load, rotation, carriage in order to increase the equipment reliability.
The equipment can be modernized by replacing the old electric systems by modern systems equipped with:
-frequency inverters and programmable automates that allow for smooth start-up and shut down, ensuring increased safety in exploitation and diminished power consumption

-implementation of radiocontrols/telecontrols, which allow for ground operation of the crane, an no need for the presence of the crane operator in the crane cabin, who can work besides the slingers, verifying the binding, the handling and correct pilling of the materials.

3. Agreement for crane assembly/disassembly

This type of agreement covers the assembly and disassembly of the lifting equipment (bridge cranes, tower cranes, trolley hydraulic cranes, etc)