Adjustment/implementation of Elca radiocontrols/telecontrols, facilitates the ground operation of the crane, an no need for the presence of the crane operator in the crane cabin, who can work besides the slingers, verifying the binding, the handling and correct pilling of the materials.

Each Elca Radiocontrol/telecontrol has two main parts: a transmitter and a receiver
For each order by the operator, the transmitter sends a digital data sequence to the receiver, which turns this sequence into electric impulses, which orders a move to the crane.

As ELCA exclusive distributors in Romania, we offer you the following types of radio controls:
-GENIO PUNTO radiocontrol/telecontrol
-GENIO SILUX radiocontrol/telecontrol
-GENIO PUNTO radiocontrol/telecontrol
-GENIO SFERA radiocontrol/telecontrol
-GENIO M radiocontrol/telecontrol
-MITO MINI radiocontrol/telecontrol
-MITO ALPI radiocontrol/telecontrol

Elca catalogue can be viewed below. (click here)

Elca radiocontrol/telecontrol catalogue