1. Elca is an Italian company, operating in the field of manufacture and industrial production of radiocontrols/telecontrols, since 1991.Provided with qualified personnel, in the field of lifting machinery, they developed high quality, very reliable and conforming with the European Standards products.
Company’s ongoing research and innovation activity allowed ELCA Radio to be amongst the leaders in the field, due to a wide range of high performance products.
The radiocontrols/telecontrols are used in various sectors: gantry cranes, bridge crane, industrial automations, tower cranes, hoists, winches, industrial valves, concrete mixer, concrete pumps, etc…
ELCA has always aimed by its activity to satisfy at maximum its clients as concerns the development of the products in progress and the post-sale assistance.

As ELCA exclusive distributors in Romania, we offer you the following types of radiocontrols:
– GENIO PUNTO radiocontrol/telecontrol
– GENIO SILUX radiocontrol/telecontrol
– GENIO PUNTO radiocontrol/telecontrol
– GENIO SFERA radiocontrol/telecontrol
– GENIO M radiocontrol/telecontrol
– MITO MINI radiocontrol/telecontrol
– MITO ALPI radiocontrol/telecontrol

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2. OMIS Lifting equipment

OMIS is a company operating in the field of lifting equipment since 1967, being amongst the European leaders, in the manufacture of bridge cranes, jib cranes, electric hoists and gantry cranes.
It also offers a wide range of components for all traded equipment (for bridge cranes, electric hoists, jib cranes and gantry cranes), components manufactured of the best quality material.

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